Get Ahead of the Curve with Antigen Blood Testing

Get Ahead Of The Curve With Antigen Blood Testing

Your doctor can now use the Antigen Blood Test to check for common infections when your blood test results come back from the lab. This blood test looks at antibodies in your blood, which will show up even if you have no symptoms yet.

So, if you’re experiencing any of these common infections and you’ve never had them before, you’ll want to ask your doctor about getting tested with the Antigen Blood Test.

What’s an antigen?

Sometimes referred to as antigens, these are proteins produced by a virus or bacteria that your body views as foreign. They trigger an immune response. The most common examples include influenza, hepatitis, and HPV (human papillomavirus). 

In our Chughtai lab tests, we can use antigen blood testing to test for those three infectious agents and several others you may have heard of, like Epstein-Barr, SARS, and Norovirus (which causes food poisoning).

What are antibodies?

Our bodies fight infections and other threats; they create antibodies that identify pathogens and alert immune cells to clear out foreign invaders. Today, doctors rely on these antibodies to treat patients in need of immune support. Through online lab testing in Pakistan, you can find what makes you sick and move toward better health. 

Our antibody blood test analyzes your body’s antibodies to reveal potential problems in your system. And when you take advantage of affordable laboratory services, you get ahead of issues before they develop into something serious. Our antibody blood test checks for both antibodies associated with illness and those associated with infection prevention. 

The results will show which pathogens are present and whether or not there is an active infection in your body. If you have recently been exposed to any bacteria or virus (whether it be food poisoning or cold/flu), we recommend getting tested for antibodies immediately so that treatment can begin at once if necessary!

A little bit about autoimmune disorders

They’re common – One in 12 people have one. They’re debilitating – They can make you tired, give you pain, and prevent you from functioning normally. And it may be years before a diagnosis is confirmed. 

They could be robbing you of your health and happiness without you even knowing it. The best way to catch them early is through antigen blood testing and that’s why Chughtai lab test rates are dropping right now.

When should you do antigen blood testing?

A high and rising antibody count isn’t always a sign of infection. Sometimes, they can be a side effect or complication from another problem that’s going on in your body, like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. 

If you have symptoms but no positive test results after five years, consider seeing an Essa Lab antigen blood testing expert. They can determine whether your case warrants further investigation to determine what’s causing those antibodies to build up in your bloodstream.

Frequently asked questions about antigen blood testing

From what age can I take antigen blood tests? The normal range is 0 to 5 years. However, if you take a sick person and want to know why they are sick, you can do antigen blood testing for 6 months. 

Are antigen blood tests safe? All lab test kits by Chughtai Lab Test Rates are safe for every laboratory condition. The samples were not affected by the storage method as long as they remained refrigerated at all times or frozen at -20 degrees Celsius to prevent biological changes from occurring.

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