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After-Divorce Friendship-Building Tips

Recovering a social life after a divorce may be challenging, especially for individuals who have lost friends as a result of the divorce. Many people lose contact with mutual acquaintances they shared with their ex-spouse and are disinclined to meet new people. However, recently divorced persons must form connections that will help them grow as they transition to a new way of life. If you are going through a divorce, get the help of a Boston divorce attorney to make the process easier for you. 

Making friends after a divorce 

Making friends now may be difficult if you have been with your previous spouse for a long time and have scarcely mingled with individuals outside your network. It is only that way because there is a new path you need to take. It will become a lot easier after you become acquainted with this path.

Take a break from dating. 

Returning to the dating scene should not be your priority following a divorce. If you want to start making friends successfully, you must eliminate this thought.

Contact friends you have lost touch with

We all have old pals from various times with whom we have lost contact. Even if you feel bad about losing contact, picking up the phone and calling them or sending a friend request on social media might reconnect you with an old buddy before you were married. Make a list of old pals with whom you have not spoken in a long time and contact them to check how they are.

Spend time with coworkers.

Work may be a terrific location to meet new people with similar interests. Request that several coworkers join you for lunch or happy hour after work. Extend your social bubble within your job, even if it means attending get-togethers you would otherwise shun. Sometimes simply turning up is enough to make a new acquaintance.

Find a workout partner.

Many people begin working out more regularly after divorce as a form of stress reduction. If you find yourself working out more now that you are divorced, try to find someone who can encourage and support you while you strive toward your fitness objectives. If someone you know mentions working out or wanting to become more active, offer them to join you at the gym or on a stroll.


Several social clubs, religious organizations, and political parties are actively interested in volunteer work in various localities. If you are passionate about a topic, consider attending volunteer activities where you will meet like-minded, caring others who share your interests.

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